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"I am absolutely amazed at the way my son has progressed since we started in September. He’s getting more and more confident tackling the unfamiliar difficult words, whereas before he’d just give up. Thank you so much for your patience and building that foundational relationship to engage him. I love online tutoring because it makes me feel you are truly a reading tutor near me."
Testimonial from a parent of a struggling reader
Joyce Zang
Parent of a struggling reader

PreK - Kindergarten

No more tears! I help your beginning reader and you overcome frustration as your child begins to say and write sounds and letters.

First Grade

Avoid guessing! I help your emerging reader gain confidence, improve working memory, and learn to read accurately and fluently.

Second & Third Grade

Love reading like you do! I help your struggling reader accelerate comprehension, become good at spelling and writing, and learn to love reading.

Fourth Grade and Up

Raise grades! I help students who have fallen behind to quickly gain literacy skills in reading and writing so they can grow and flourish.

My Story

From Teacher to Online Reading Tutor

Justine Forelli reading lesson

My name is Justine Forelli Maycock and I have worked with 100’s of beginning and struggling readers.

I started off as a Waldorf teacher believing a holistic natural approach to reading was the answer to everything.

My first daughter easily learned to read with this method.

But my second daughter showed signs of a struggling reader from preschool. I did not want to admit it and thought she just needed more time. By third grade, I finally had to admit that she was not learning to read.

This is when I began learning about struggling readers. The gap can be closed with a direct, systematic, explicit approach. 





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I'm on a mission to help all children read accurately and to stop guessing words. Oh, and to fall in love with reading. Sign up to get my free guide and follow my journey.

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