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EBLI tutoring in Reading, Spelling, and Writing

What is EBLI Tutoring?

I tutor students K-8 in reading, spelling, writing composition, and handwriting using the EBLI reading remediation method. EBLI stands for Evidenced-Based Literacy Instruction. 

EBLI is a “Speech-to-Print” or Structured Linguistic Literacy approach to reading. This means that we start with a focus on the spoken word, and we move from that starting point to the written word. 



Speech-to-print methods have been around for a long time but are recently becoming more well known as we learn more about how oral language, reading, and writing are integrated in the brain.

Speaking, unlike reading, is natural. Children learn to speak with no formal instruction. Speech-to-print approaches like EBLI, use this natural ability to speak to teach the unnatural activity of reading. 


Spelling and Reading are intertwined

In EBLI tutoring, we teach the student to become aware of the sounds in the spoken word. Then, we teach them how to map the spellings to those sounds. After that, they read the words they have spelled both in isolation and in an authentic text. 

Correct handwriting improves comprehension

As an EBLI tutor, I correct your child’s handwriting immediately. In addition, learning to say the sounds as they write the letters correctly also accelerates comprehension. 

In the photo on the right, the student has learned the different spellings and meanings for the homophones “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, and now he is using them in a sentence I dictated. 

EBLI tutoring helps handwriting

Remediation with EBLI Tutoring takes less time

EBLI tutoring accelerates student learning. In contrast, traditional reading tutoring can take years to remediate students. But EBLI tutoring can take just a few weeks or months. 

How does this work? First, we will meet on Zoom for my free assessment. Next, you will tell me about your child’s reading. Then, this information and the assessment results will tell me where to place your child. 

There are four entry points for EBLI tutoring depending on the child’s age and reading ability. After I speak with you, I will know where to place your child. 

The assessment marks the starting point and from there we can measure progress. 

After that, we start tutoring. I will do 4-8 activities during each session. The activities are fun and fast-paced, so your child stays engaged. Let’s get started!

Online EBLI Tutoring Requirements

Online tutoring with the EBLI method is practical and engaging. However, to make sure your child gets the best experience and instruction, please check out the technical requirements in my FAQs.