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We love online tutoring with Justine because it's not only very convenient in terms of time-saving - not having to drive, it’s also really fun for our son. Now that most of his learning is in person, online sessions seem special. He sees his parents on zoom calls, and this makes him feel like he has important work meetings too. The live instruction coupled with game/presentation interactive format keeps him focused and interested.
Testimonial for Justine Forelli by Yulia Goldshtrakh
Yulia Goldshtrakh
Being able to do both online and in-person with Justine has been a huge bonus. Our daughter needed to establish a relationship with her tutor in "real-life" before doing online tutoring. I appreciate Justine's flexibility. Justine also uses a lot of teaching tools online which can be helpful for making the tutoring time feel more fun (our daughter loves "playing' on a computer).
Testimonial for Justine Forelli by Amy LeBold
Amy LeBold
Teacher Justine has been a God sent. I searched on google for a reading teacher and found her. My daughter was having difficulties learning to read and I could see that she felt she was being left behind, while her peers were having an easier time. Teacher Justine has been so patient with my sassy daughter. I see her progressing with each lesson. Can't recommend Teacher Justine enough.
Maria Guzman
I found Justine by posting something in the Lamorinda Families Facebook Group and we have been really happy with her! She has helped support our daughter with both reading and math as she has progressed through 2nd and now 3rd grade. She is really kind and patient and has spent time trying to hone in on her specific struggles and figure out how to best help her. She has been flexible with scheduling needs whenever needed. Highly recommend her!
Adrienne Schell
I am a homeschooling mom of a 6 year old and I found Justine through our charter school - Visions in Education. My child is struggling with becoming a confident reader and needed support with specific language arts skills such as blending, spelling and writing. Justine was able to immediately assess right where he was in his language arts skills and confidently dove right in with a plan of action. My child is improving leaps and bounds in language arts and his confidence with every session. Justine is easygoing, knowledgeable, kind, fun and in tune with how to balance work and play so that my child enjoys the learning process. When I met with my visions charter school certified teacher, she was amazed by my child’s progress in such a short time! I highly recommend Justine to any parent who is looking to provide their child with language arts support.
Parent review
Rachel Hankins
I found Teacher Justine from a flyer posted at my local Starbucks. I decided to give Justine a call because my daughter was struggling with reading and despite participating in a reading intervention group at school, showed very little progress. She was lacking confidence, was reading-avoidant and was not reading independently at her grade level. After speaking on the phone with Justine and receiving a complimentary reading assessment of my daughters needs, I immediately knew Justine was very knowledgeable and could provide the structured lessons which would compliment the support my daughter was receiving in school. We decided to give Justine a try and my daughter has been taking 1-hour weekly, online lessons for about a year. My daughter absolutely loves her lessons with Justine, never complains and always looks forward to her online reading practice. She has gained invaluable phonics skills, has learned to pick up patterns, and corrects herself when she makes mistakes. More importantly she has gained confidence in reading and now enjoys reading to her family and on her own. Thank you, Teacher Justine!
Parent review for Teacher Justine Forelli
Juliana Bryant
Justine has helped my 2nd grader get up to grade level reading in just a few months. Her online lessons are interactive and fun so that he feels that it's play and not work. I highly recommend her!
Parent review for Teacher Justine Forelli
Vanessa Smith
Justine has been effective in helping our daughter gain confidence with her reading, and ensuring that she has the strong phonics foundation that she needs. Justine has made such a difference and we’re grateful for it!
Parent review for Teacher Justine Forelli
Angela Ochoa