Is Summer Tutoring a Good Idea in Lafayette, CA?

summer tutoring in Lafayette CA

To discover if summer tutoring is a good idea, we identified 5 benefits of summer tutoring in Lamorinda

Many parents might wonder if summer tutoring for their children is a good idea. You might remember your own summers as a time of freedom with hours of unstructured time to enjoy. You might want your child to have this same carefree experience. But you might have also heard of summer learning loss and wonder if this is real and how to avoid it.

Every summer offers children who are behind a chance to catch up. In other words, even if gaps don’t grow much during summer vacations, summer vacations still offer a chance to shrink them.

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Times have changed from the days of an endless summer with no worries, so here are 5 reasons why summer tutoring in Lamorinda is a good idea.


Struggling with Reading

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Get one-on-one attention

These last couple of years have been very stressful for children in classrooms with confusing rules to follow and less time for actual instruction. With teachers trying to keep kids safe while meeting the instructional needs of many children at once, some kids have not received the attention they need. They are promoted to the next grade level without the teacher noticing they are falling behind.

Summer tutoring allows your child to really be seen and heard. One hour a week of one-on-one attention with a tutor will fill the gaps from the previous year. Children compare themselves to others and your child is probably aware that they are not keeping up. Summer tutoring will help them bridge this gap and regain self-confidence.

Make learning fun

During the summer, the child can direct more of their own learning. They won’t have the stress of doing homework and of being in school all day. They can dive in deep on topics or books that interest them. The tutor acts more of a guide or coach and helps the child explore things that interest them.

Even foundational skills can be practiced in fun ways with a tutor. Tutors have access to a variety of online games and websites that make practicing reading skills and math facts fun. When the child is given a choice of how they want to practice, they feel empowered and in control of their own learning.

Provide structure

Summer tutoring can provide a little bit of structure to your week. When we have too much free time, we can end up wasting our time and doing nothing productive. Committing to an hour a week with a tutor provides a nice structure and something to look forward to.

Regular meeting times with a tutor make goal setting easier. This works great when reading a chapter book. During the sessions, the tutor and child can read together. Then they can set a goal on where they need to read for the next session. Goal setting with a tutor in the summer also works great for other subjects.


Although structure can be beneficial, some families need more flexibility in the summer. With summer tutoring, you can schedule as much or as little time as you need each week. Maybe you would like your child to do a summer intensive and then take some time off for camps or vacation.

Summer tutoring allows you to schedule your tutoring at different times of the day. Many tutors have scheduling software that allows parents to log in and self-schedule. Or just call the tutor and find out when they are available. Communication is the key.

Get a head start

With summer tutoring, your child can get a head start for their next grade. Summer tutoring is great for second graders who want to get a jump on mastering their third-grade timetables. Kindergarteners and first-graders can keep solidifying the foundational skills in reading.

Summer tutoring is a great way for kids in all grades to work on critical thinking skills through writing and mapping out text structures to help reading comprehension.

Summer in Lamorinda

Summertime is fun and relaxing with so much to do in Lamorinda. From swim team to hiking to beach excursions and bbqs with friends. Summer tutoring makes it even more relaxing by investing in your child’s learning and boosting their self-confidence. Instead of saying they are bored, they will be begging you to get the next book in the series they are reading. Spending hours wrapped up in a book imagining other worlds.

Teacher Justine offers engaging tutoring for your child both during the school year and during the summer. My tutoring is personalized for each child based on their needs and interests. I always give a free assessment to find out what are your child’s needs and to see if we are a good fit. If you are interested in exploring summer tutoring options, get in touch with me today.

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