Is Your Child’s School Teaching Reading Wrong?

Structured Literacy vs Balanced Literacy

Sold a Story podcast is making teachers angry that they teach reading wrong “I feel guilty and tricked.” Group Member of The Facebook Group “The Science of Reading – What I Should Have Learned in College” Teachers all across America are listening to Emily Hanford’s podcast, Sold a Story, and they feel angry. Angry that […]

Become a Better Reader of Fiction

Become a better reader with Justine Forelli

Use these 5 tips to help your child become a better reader of fiction and learn to love reading Have you ever asked your child if they liked the book they just read and they say they it was ok? Or maybe they said yes, but when you ask them what it was about they […]

Can Summer Tutoring Help in Lafayette, CA?

Summer tutoring helps summer slide in Lafayette CA

Find out how summer tutoring can help your child avoid summer slide in reading from Orinda to Walnut Creek What is summer slide? And how does summer tutoring help? “’Summer slide’ refers to the loss in reading skills that can occur when students are not exposed to quality reading materials during the summer.”  Raz-Kids and […]

Is Summer Tutoring a Good Idea in Lafayette, CA?

summer tutoring in Lafayette CA

To discover if summer tutoring is a good idea, we identified 5 benefits of summer tutoring in Lamorinda Many parents might wonder if summer tutoring for their children is a good idea. You might remember your own summers as a time of freedom with hours of unstructured time to enjoy. You might want your child […]

11 Fun Phonological Awareness Activities at Home

Phonological awareness activities at home are fun and will help your child develop reading skills. By playing with rhyming and saying silly sentences, your child will become aware of words and sounds and will develop the skills they need to learn to read and spell. IF YOUR CHILD IS Struggling with Reading We can help […]

5 Reading Readiness Actions You Must Do with Your Child

Reading readiness actions include nursery rhymes

Reading readiness is oral language comprehension Reading readiness is the first stage of reading. It starts before birth and goes until age 6 or 7. Reading readiness is simply developing strong oral language abilities. Your baby and child will develop their oral language skills naturally, but you can influence the quality of their learning by […]

5 Advantages of Online Tutoring vs. In-person Tutoring

A question I sometimes get when I am first contacted by parents of struggling readers  is “do you offer in-person tutoring?” I say, “Yes I do”, but let’s first do the FREE assessment online and go from there.  IF YOUR CHILD IS Struggling with Reading We can help Why do the assessment online? There are […]

Whole Language & Phonics: A Tale of My Two Daughters’ Reading

Whole language and phonics: which is better? The different paths that my two daughters took, through their different schooling experiences (because of where I worked as a teacher) to learn to read, taught me that: 40% of children will learn to read after a year of instruction in first grade no matter the method and […]

Child Can’t Read Entering First Grade – Should You Worry?

No and why you should not worry It’s normal to worry when your six-year-old child can’t read going into first grade. Especially if you are comparing him or her to the children of people you know. There is a lot of pressure from society, friends, parents, your environment, to make you think that your child […]